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When Did I Lose Control?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

5:40PM - Yep...That's What I Thought...

I suspected as much...

You would swoop in under cover of "anonymous", spew your bile, then dash away, leaving only the foul stench of your jealousy as proof you were ever here.

You begged asked to be a Tiara once upon a time...(nevermind the fact that "Tiara" is merely a state of mind, nothing more).

You could never (I repeat...NEVER) be a Tiara...
1. Tiaras don't pass judgement on others anonymously. We pass judgement using our NAMES, preparing to withstand any backlash we may stir up. We don't snipe, then run away like a frightened rabbit.
2. Tiaras embrace the words "juvenile", "childish" and "junior high"...Those were the times when life was fun, without obligations. If being "childish" or "juvenile" means that we're laughing louder and having more fun, so be it. I have never laughed harder than when I'm with my friends, Tiaras or otherwise, and we're usually laughing at ourselves.
3. Tiaras don't feel the need to pretend to be holier-than-thou or "above it all". We want to be right in the middle of it. Standing outside the window watching others shoot jello shots is not as fun as you might think. You must taste it to know the joy.
4. Tiaras remain loyal...regardless. Disagreements happen. TRUE friends get. over. themselves. Occasionally a Tiara will need to have a "come to Jesus meeting" with another and that's okay. Why? Because despite the insults you attempted to hurl, we are also adults and can accept the fact that not everyone agrees with everything we say or do.

   Remember what I wrote 5 years ago? Of course you do. Remember me calling T the "Slayer"? Pat the "peacemaker"? Netty the "philosopher"? Krik the "ghost"? We're all different, yet we get along wonderfully. We accept the quirks and oddities of each, knowing the whole of us is greater than the sum of our parts (or something like that).

I also suspect that you're still single. I hope you enjoy being alone, because if you handle your personal life like you do your life in cyberspace, honey...let me clue you in....

If you continue in this way, you are going to end up a withered old lonely crone with long, bushy gray hair and 39 cats who stands on the front porch shrieking and throwing rotten apple cores at the neighborhood children.

Me? I may also end up the old crone with the cats chunking apples at kids...but my Tiaras are going to be sitting on the porch with me going, "You got that one right in the head! Nice shot, Mo!"

Peace out....hugs and kisses and all that other crap.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

7:07PM - Five Years Ago? Really?

Just last night, I received a notice that "someone" had commented on an entry I'd made somewhere around 5 years ago. Naturally I read my entry first, to familiarize myself with the post. As I was reading, I said a lot of "aw...s" and "sniff" and "I adore her". And genuinely enjoyed rereading the entry. I basically was describing my 'Pella Roadtrip Buddies. After 5 years, it's really quite astounding how accurate my descriptions really were. I love them all.
  HOWEVER, someone has apparently been obsessively scanning my LJ and happened upon this post. Instead of reading and moving on, they chose THIS entry to bash those I hold most dear in my heart.
Not a smart move. Had this person (we'll call her Ann...for Anonymous) paid attention to the actual post, they would have realized what a futile move it is to try to belittle our little "gangs".
  Is it silly to call ourselves "Tiaras" and "Pretty Pretty Princesses"? Well, of course it is! It's silly, childish, juvenile...whatever. And guess what (Dixie Carter quote) "We. Don't. Care." I have never laughedso hard, nor had so much fun as I do with these girls. We go to the shows and the M&G and squeal like adolescent school girls on the way to the motel. We are ENJOYING ourselves.
  It's quite apparent that "Ann" is envious of the bonds my girls and I have forged over the years. We have laughed with each other (and laughed AT others *G*), cried with each other (who held me together when my beloved Paris died? Yeah. My girls), disagreed and contradicted each other. Sometimes we've even had a tiny tiff or two. But you know what? We remain FRIENDS. We did not run and hide. We did not change our emails. We talked it out and we got over it. And...our bond became stonger because of it. I venture to say that even our periods are synched up too. *G*
  And it's not just all 'Pella related. There are weeks sometimes that we never even mention Da Boyz. Yes, they are basically why we became friends because that's where we met, but a friendship is much more than liking the same guy or group. Friendship is emailing nearly every day, sometimes dozens of times a day to talk about important shit...or nothing at all. Friendship is Coleen calling me twice weekly "just to see what you're doing".  We don't NEED to be "Tiaras" or "PPPs". We just think it's funny.
  Anyhoo...I copy/pasted the 5 year old entry because well...it means alot to me. And I'm also going to post the snarky comment that Ann felt compelled to leave. 
  I wouuld like to personally thank "Ann" for this. Rereading the post made me smile at how many friends I actually have AND...we have had a rip-snortin' time laughing at all this.

Better Late Than Never
I was literally walking out the door to go to work tonight when the phone rang. Normally, I'm in such a rush, I wouldn't bother to answer it. I'm glad I did. They put me on call. Yeah, I need the money, but as I told my Tiaras...I'm SO bitchy tonight, I just want to sit home and...well, BITCH. What about? Nothing. I have nothing in particular to bitch about. I'm just in one of those moods. And God Bless my Tiaras for accepting that...

Which brings me to my"Totally-rambling-boring-to-everyone-but-me-and-maybe-my-Tiaras-but-it's-my-LJ-and-I-can-ramble-if-I-want-to-so-there" entry:

I am a bitch. That much is true. And I embrace and accept my bitchiness with all the enthusiasm and joy bestowed upon me. My Tiaras accept that. They are more than happy to listen (or read) whenever I want to vent, be it something totally reasonable, or entirely inconsequential (is that a word? I DARE you to tell me it isn't.*G*)

There are five of us...

There's Mistress Pat: The "voice of reason"...most of the time. Pat, who giggles with undiluted joy at the smallest things, yet becomes a fierce adversary when provoked, who guards her kids as closely as a Mama Bear, and stands up for her sister Tiaras just as fiercely. Who can take the tiniest innuendo and turn it into a full blown sexual discussion, giving us hours of incredibly interesting emails. Who spends hours cleaning her halo, only to find it tarnished and dented seconds later. *G*

Aunt Netty: the "Philosopher". Netty who can really pull things out from left field and cause them to make sense. Who turns into a joyous, chatty, hunk of goo whenever speaking of design, color, furniture...and can pull an obscure lyric out of nowhere to match any and every topic we discuss. Who is deceptively quiet in a crowd, but can read people like an open book. And she usually calls it right.

Miss T: What can I say? My sistah. T, of the razor sharp tongue that can cut you down with a mere sentence. My partner in crime. Usually one of us comes up with the plan...and it only takes the other one to pull a Kevin and say "Do it. Do it. Do it." If one of the Tiaras are threatened, T is the one to blast the enemy with words spoken with such venom and fire, the offender wilts at the mere mention of her name, scampering back under whatever rock they initially crawled out from. She is the "Slayer" of the group. (yeah, T...Buffy reference. *G*)

And my Krik: the "Ghost", as Krik doesn't get online and post as much as the rest of us. Another Mama Bear. The one who's been my friend the longest. We've been through life and death together. The loss of her father, the NEAR loss of mine. Kid trouble, work trouble, man trouble, money trouble. The one constant is and has always been My Krik.

I'm not quite sure if it's legal to be in two "gangs" at once. But then, when have we ever followed the rules, right?

The Pretty Pretty Princesses:

This "gang" started sometime during the second STL run of shows. We'd all been picked as Pretty Woman and it just kind of snowballed from there. Not to mention the fact that, even though we are all so different, we all fit quite nicely as a group.

Coleen: The REAL "Pretty Pretty Princess". Coleen who loves to shop for new clothes, loves Applebees and never gets a full night's sleep when on the road with us. Her exasperated "Shush!" In the middle of the night is just as soothing to me as a lullabye. *G*

BrendalyBrendaly: So adorable you have to say her name twice. *G* The "quiet" one. Who NEVER asks to stop for a "pee break". Whose "Oh My God!" Spoken in almost a whisper always makes us laugh. Who taught me to speak in Hispanic Chicagoan. Who's learning East Texan quite well, too. Who loves rings and shares my adoration of Scott. Who braves the iron fist of Coleen in the middle of the night when we just can't stop talking about how good Scott looked in the white "crab" shirt in Loofkin. *G* Who nurses many bruises after a show because well...I just can't stop hitting her whenever Scott does something sexy. Yet she tolerates it all with a smile...

And My Krik...*see above*

I am so excited for Lafayette I can't stand it. My Princesses and Tiaras all together in one town. Whee! Better beef up security!

This is the reply that prompted all this...
This entry is five-plus years old now, but judging from the author's more recent entries, I highly doubt anyone's grown up or changed in that time...

Being sassy and standing up for yourself is all well and good, but being a self-professed "bitch" is certainly nothing to be proud of... especially when it comes at the expense of hurting other people. And "my Tiaras?" Really? Are these adults or junior-high students?

How sad, really.

To which I, of course, replied:

Well let's start with the obvious shall we? I am suddenly being blasted for posting on MY journal by a COWARD. Do you have a name or are you one of the half-wit, dirt eating window lickers who don't have the NERVE to reveal themselves. You got a problem with my TIARAS or the PPPs?... Jealousy is the first word to come to mind. But I am also honored (in a sick way) that you would find my words enthralling enough to go back through FIVE YEARS of entries. You got something to say? Drop your nuts and step into the ring, pussy.
Love, Mo (elcandance).

Notice how accurate my description of "Ann" actually turned out to be. *G*

And of course, my darling T...Is it any wonder we call her "The Slayer"? LOL

One would think that someone who would take the time to go back 5 years in the journal of a total stranger only to seemingly pass judgement in a negative manner would actually spend a little more time looking in the mirror to work out their own issues. As you did not, I now have the pleasure of passing judgement on you!

First, let's address this "reading 5 years worth of journal entries" thing. I should avoid the obvious word, which is PATHETIC, and instead say that it would seem that you really need to find the off switch on your computer, put down the snacks, find the stairs that lead up out of your parent's basement and go out in to the sunshine and try to make a few friends of your own. And no, chat rooms don't count.

Additionally, having friends of your own might do something about your aversion to the label "my Tiaras". I've found that over the past 9 years that all of us gals have been friends, the only people who seem to take issue with this and label it Jr High are the people who spent their lunch hours at the corner table in the cafeteria glaring at the Cool Kids table grumbling about how much they hated them while at the same time praying that just one of them would sit with you one day. They didn't.

You also seem to have issue with the lable bitch, with the addition of the comment, "especially when it comes at the expense of hurting other people." So pray tell, what was the intent of your actions here? Is this suppose to be a compliment? I think not. You set out intentionally to try and hurt "the author" and "anyone" else she refers to. What's the word I'm looking for here...? Is it HYPOCRITE? Some how that seems right. :-)

Quick aside here - no one was hurt by your comments. We've heard it all a hundred times over the years and we all share tons of e-mail laughing at others attempts to try, as we will yours.

So back to your attempt to upset us... Are you one of these people that hate yourself so much you feel the only way to make yourself feel better about you is to tear someone else down? Are you a guy with a really tiny penis? Are you a woman with a flat chest and unfortunate face who feels angry at the world but lacks the confidence for confrontation in the real world so you troll the internet to try and fill this void? Honestly, I want to know. And possibly a shrink would like to know.

While you're pondering how to answer that, lets also look at your attempt to set your self in a position of superiority. "the author"? Are you writing a term paper? Who says "the author" in an journal comment? You know full well the comments you leave go to the owner of the journal and you would of course know that since this is a journal from 5 years ago, no one else but "the author" would see it unless she passed it along to others. Which she thankfully did. Judging by your choice of phrasing, I'd say this ties in well to my theory of "no friends in the real world" because this is just not how people communicate. Then again, to finish it off with "how sad".... tyring to show how above it all you are.... yes, well, see the previous comments about looking in the mirror and being a hypocrite.

Of course there is another option, which would be that Mo is not a stranger to you at all and you are indeed just a pathetic coward who felt the need to get a jab in but posted as anonymous because you are, well, pathetic. Funny how that pathetic word just keeps coming up, no matter how I try to avoid it.

I however am not a coward and I will say if you'd like to "man up" and e-mail me about this, it's bluewillow29@mail2sound.com and I would love to hear from you.

Of course I can already guess at the type of name-calling and nonsense you might spout back. As I've said, us gals have had and continue to have an amazingly tight friendship for years and we're use to people being jealous of us and trying to tear us down. And if that's the vein in which you wish to continue, I will indeed talke the "junior high" option, since you threw it out there, and say that the very essence of what we all think of you and your judgements of us:

Fuck off Whore cause we could give a frog's shit less what you think. :-)

Ooh! You made T say the "W" word!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

6:17PM - SNOW!

Pics of the pups playing in the snow...


Friday, December 25, 2009

10:20AM - Santa Claws Came! He Really Came!

We got lotsa toys in our stockings!

Lookit what Aunt T sent us!


With love from Jethro and Ellie Mae...

4:18AM - Kevin Says Goodbye...

It was a bittersweet time in Tampa. We're going to miss Kevin terribly...

Jeff in the now infamous lighted jacket....

Surrounded by family, friends and fans...

Steve Dorian - The New Guy...Cute, huh?

The rest of the pics are here...


Friday, December 18, 2009

9:13PM - Sleepy Puppies

*Yawn*..."Mornin' Mama..."

Monday, December 7, 2009

2:01PM - For Those Of You Not On Facebook...



Yeah, there's a ton of them. So?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5:34PM - Yayness...

In other non-puppy news...

Bought our tickets to Rockapella in Grand Prairie yesterday.

1st show - front/center
2nd show - Row D

Not bad, considering Krik and I had both forgotten they went on sale at 10am. *G*

Monday, October 19, 2009

8:10PM - So Cute I Can't Stand It!

More here:


Saturday, October 17, 2009

1:10AM - Bringing Home Babies...

Jethro and Ellie Mae came home today. They are absolutely darling! And they LOVE to be in my lap. Ellie's (honey/white) nose is a tiny bit shorter than Jethro's (fawn/white) and Jethro's eyes are a little bit lighter than Ellie's.

Ellie loves to have her tummy scratched and Jethro has that itching place right in front of his left hip that makes his back leg twitch. LOL

How cute are they?

Monday, September 21, 2009

8:10PM - Pics From The Baseball Game...

Rangers Vs. Angels - Sept 20, 2009...


Yeah, they lost, but they sure looked cute doin' it. *G*


12:41AM - Introducing...

For those of you who don't know yet...

Meet Jethro (left) and Ellie Mae (right)...

Born on August 25...MY Birthday! I bring them home October 20.
They are French Bulldog/Dachsund Mix.
I am in love!

Monday, September 7, 2009

3:35AM - Rockin With The SymphonyMore

More later...It's late and Krik and I have to get an early start in the morning.
In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure...



Sunday, September 6, 2009

1:41AM - Rockapella-Symphony Bliss

We have been having an absolute blast at these shows. The symphony is amazing. The conductor has a wonderful sense of humor and is quite the dancer. Not to mention the Rockapella Boyz.
Some pics to make you jealous...

Friday, September 4, 2009

2:27AM - Happy Sigh

Having a great time in Houston with Rockapella and the symphony. Such beautiful music from both parties. I was honestly thinking that we were just going to "tolerate" the symphony so we could enjoy 'Pella, but the musicians were great.They worked well together.

Took an Ambien so I can't remember much right now.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

12:39PM - I Need To...But I Haven't...

I need to...

give Paris a bath today...But I haven't.

I need to...

clean out the rattlie cage...But I haven't.

I need to...

do the laundry...But I haven't.

I need to...

charge the camera battery...But I haven't.

I need to...

clean out the litterbox and set out the extra one for the weekend...But I haven't.

I need to...

pack up the stuff for Paris and the rattlies to take to Ma and Pa's...But I haven't.

I need to...

shave my legs (cause God knows Rockapella will be checking that first)...But I haven't.

I need to...

start packing...But I haven't.


But I will.





Friday, August 28, 2009

9:55PM - Long Time, No Update...

It occurred to me that I haven't updated lately.

Nothing really going on, though...Let's see...

Krik and I are excited to be going to Houston Thursday for 4...count 'em 4!...days of Rockapella. It's going to be bittersweet since we've just recently found out Kev was leaving the group. *sigh* But I promise there will be no wailing, rending of garments or gnashing of teeth. There will be plenty of that in Tampa I'm sure.

Speaking of Tampa, on the spur of the moment, Krik, Coleen and I decided to go again this year. It's a real struggle to rush to Tampa and get back in town by the 24th, but again...Kev's last show. Can't miss that.

We celebrated my birthday Tuesday at El Toro. Great food! Wonderful drinks! I had a Texas Tornado.
FYI...If that pic of me and the sombrero gets out...Krik will be missing the next day. Count on it. Yes, there will be blood.

After eating I stopped by Mackey and Crystal's to meet their zoo. I was especially drawn to the ball python named Thor. LOVE him! Wasn't wild about the feeding part, but that's a friggin' cool snake!

Krik has forced me to become addicted to Farm Town on Facebook, something I swore I would never do. Thanks, Krik. I hate you so hard right now.

And that's about it...Cats are good, Paris is good. The rattlies are still awesome. Betta babies (those that survived) are starting to grow a bit now.

Life's good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

11:57PM - If You're Bored...

I have literally spent HOURS on this website...


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